Safety Glasses

Heartland Optical believes in protecting your eyes from hazards both at work and at home. Whether you are looking for safety glasses for yourself or a program for your company, Heartland Optical has the experience, knowledge, and products to keep you and your employee’s eyes safe. We have been providing safety glasses to the industries of Lincoln, NE and beyond for almost twenty years. We customize programs for companies as small as five people to as large as over a thousand. We are experts at giving the protection you need without compromising comfort, style, or vision. Heartland Optical’s safety glasses comply with Z87-2+.

Our safety glasses help protect your eyes against many dangerous elements including:

  • Airborne particles and small pieces of metal, glass, or wood
  • Sparks from tools and power equipment (welding)
  • Flying objects
  • Radiation and UV light
  • Chemicals or other corrosive substances that may spray

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, each year thousands of people suffer from both temporary and permanent eye injuries. Most of these injuries can be avoided by wearing safety eyewear.

Heartland Optical shows more than 100 different styles of safety frames in our store assuring everyone an option for their safety eyewear.