Risks of Online Eye Tests and Opticals

An online eye test may sound quick and convenient but in reality can be very dangerous. Would you risk the health of your vision to save a few minutes? We’d like to shed some light on the riskiness of these services, even if you feel your eyes are healthy.

    1. No eye care professional is present. The online tests cannot determine if you have cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease or any other eye/general health problem. A comprehensive, in-person eye exam can uncover these diseases and more.Even if you feel your eyes are healthy, there is a risk that you would be given the incorrect prescription because an eye doctor is not present during the exam to ensure all parts are completed correctly. Why spend the money on the initial online exam if you’ll just be referred to a doctor in your area anyway?


    1. The fit won’t be perfect. Ever order a new pair of glasses that the optician doesn’t have to adjust in order to make them fit perfectly? Yeah, us neither. Why people order expensive, prescription glasses [and sunglasses] online baffles us. If you’re wearing them regularly, you also want them to fit properly and comfortably.


  1. You’re not saving money. Online test websites boast they are cheaper than going to a physical eye care office; however, we feel it’s quite the opposite. From our research, the cost of an online eye test is not typically covered by health or vision insurance. Therefore, if you have insurance, your co-pay is most likely much cheaper. Most importantly, online tests only provide a fraction of the eye health tests provided to you during a comprehensive, in-office eye exam.

Because online eye tests are still relatively new technology, more research is needed in order to guarantee the accuracy of a prescription. Our recommendation would be to stick with a local eye doctor for exams and care.

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