How to Properly Clean and Care For Your Glasses

Do you neglect to clean your glasses as often as you should? Here are some important tips you’ll want to follow to help prolong the life and clarity of your glasses [and lenses]:

  1. Wash your hands before cleaning your glasses. Washing your hands prior to cleaning your glasses is an important step you don’t want to skip. This ensures all debris is removed from your hands to help avoid any potential lens scratching.

  3. Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean your eyewear. We recommend using warm water and mild dish soap (one that does not contain any additional moisturizers) to help thoroughly clean and disinfect not only your lenses but your glasses’ temples and nose pads too. Don’t have access to mild dish soap? We offer a spray lens cleaner that works fantastic!

  5. Never use a paper towel or your shirt to wipe or dry your lenses. When it comes to drying, our go-to is a clean, reusable baby diaper or burp cloth. The cleaning cloths that come with new eyewear work great too.
    Many paper towels contain wood fibers that can permanently scratch your lenses. Your shirt can also contain dirt or other fibrous material that can be harmful to your lenses too.

  7. Replace your nose pads and get a professional cleaning every once in awhile. If your nose pads are discolored, brittle or falling off, bring them in and we’re happy to replace them at no cost. We always provide free professional cleaning and adjustments too. Your glasses need a tune up every once in a while too!

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