5 Ways to Prevent Red Eyes in Photos

It has happened to us all before… You’re trying to snap a frame-worthy picture using your less than professional camera and someone always seems to have red eyes. The red-eye effect ruins perfect photos and, let’s be honest, looks a little creepy. Luckily there are ways to prevent the red-eye effect. We’ll discuss five of them.

  1. Turn off the flash and use natural light. The quickness of a camera flash does not give your pupil enough time to narrow in order to reduce the amount of light entering your eyes. When a sudden burst of light reaches your retina and reflects back, eyes look red in photos due to the reflection of the rich blood supply of the choroid.

  3. Brighten up the room. If natural light is not an option, turn on a few lights or lamps. Pupils dilate (or become bigger) in darkness. If you throw a quick flash into the mix, your already large pupils won’t have time to narrow to deflect the light from the flash.

  5. Don’t look directly at the camera. Looking [slightly] away from the camera’s flash allows the flash to hit your eyes at a not-so-direct angle.

  7. Take your photos prior to consuming alcohol. Alcohol reduces response times and it affects your eyes in the same way. The red-eye effect is most common in those who have been consuming alcohol.

  9. Use a photo editing app. If you’re an iPhone or Android user, there is most likely a red eye correction tool built in to your camera. Once you’ve taken the photo, edit it to remove all or most of the red eye.

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