4 Tips for Choosing the Right Frame

Shopping for new glasses can be an overwhelming, time consuming task. If you follow our tips below, it won’t take you hours to pick out the perfect frame. With the help of our experienced staff, we’ve compiled our top four most helpful tips when it comes to picking out the perfect frame.

Know your face shape.

– Choose square or rectangular frames.
– Avoid rimless, round and small frames.

– Choose frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face.
– Avoid overly large frames.

– Choose depth over width (round frames) and a lower bridge to help shorten the length of your nose.
– Avoid wide frames.

– Choose bottom-heavy frame designs or round frames.
– Avoid heavy, designs on the top of the frame or any color or design that draws attention to the forehead.

– Choose detailed or distinct lines or rimless, oval, or cat-eye frame styles.
– Avoid square or narrow frames.

– Choose round or oval frames that offer more depth than width.
– Avoid square or sharp edged frame styles.

Choose the right color.

Warm Skintone – yellow, bronze or golden cast to your skin
– Choose brown tones including camel, khaki, gold, copper or light tortoise colors.
– Avoid pastels and black and white frames.

Cool Skintone – pink undertones
– Choose contrasting colors such as dark tortoise, gray, purple, blue and pink.
– Avoid light colors or designs.

Know your style/lifestyle.

Frames are made from a variety material including acetate (plastic) and metal which makes some stronger and more durable than others. Consider the following questions…

– What activities do you do while wearing glasses?
– What colors do you wear most – brown or black hues?
– What fits your personality best? Neutral and classic or bold and colorful?

Know your budget.             

A complete set of glasses can range drastically in price. Trying to stay within a certain budget? Let us know before you start shopping, and we’ll make sure to show you styles that fit within your budget.

Many insurance plans cover a large portion of frames and lenses. If you’re unsure of what your insurance may cover, ask us before you start shopping. We’re happy to help you understand your insurance coverage.

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