Lens Treatments

Scratch Protection Coating

Scratch coating is included with most any lens purchase made at Heartland Optical. Additional scratch coating, “thermal hard coat,” is the most protective at an additional charge. Thermal coating is layered on the lens and then cured or baked onto the lens to give it additional hardness.

UV Protection

It is generally accepted that the ultraviolet rays in sunlight pose potential harm to the eyes. Special treatment is available for hard resin lenses that completely blocks hazardous UV light. Lenses like polycarbonate and high index include built-in UV protection at no extra cost.

Anti/Reflection Coatings

Special anti-reflective coatings are now available for spectacle lenses, much like those used for fine camera lenses. These coatings are particularly effective for reducing eye fatigue for computer operators and anyone driving at night. And, of course, AR lenses enhance appearance by removing all distracting reflections. We use only the highest quality anti reflective coatings. Check out the pictures below to see the difference.