Get Started with HD Lenses

Put on your new glasses and you’ll see the digital difference instantly. We’re ReCreating Perfect Vision… so you’ll see the world as it’s meant to be seen. Welcome to a New World of Eye Care with Digital HD Lenses. Now more than ever what’s inside the frames you choose makes a real difference in how you see.

That’s why we often prescribe the latest in digital high-definition lenses… like the Shamir Autograph III®.

Lenses that are uniquely yours

  • Each digital lens is custom fit and made just for you.
  • Manufactured using the latest in vision technology.
  • Designed for today’s lifestyle, including viewing computers and mobile devices.


  • You’ll see more naturally at all viewing distances.
  • Wider field of view, restoring your natural viewing corridor.
  • The result is reduced neck tension and eyestrain.

You’ll see your best

  • Clearer vision, no matter what you’re looking at.
  • 30% increase in light contrast so you’ll see better in low light.
  • Improves vision and safety while driving at night.
  • These lenses fit all prescriptions and irtually any frame you choose.