Digital Lenses


Go from ordinary to WOW with digital lenses. Digital lenses are the newest technology in progressive lenses (no line bifocals) giving you the enhanced vision you want and deserve including increased clarity and reduced distortion.

The difference between ordinary and digital lenses is best compared to your television. Standard or conventional progressive lenses are like your old TV and new digital lenses are like your HDTV.

Digital lenses take into account more than your prescription. They are based on many factors including your frame size and shape, your correction, how far your frames sit away from your eyes, and other unique factors about your eyes. These lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all lighting conditions, and when included with premium anti-reflective coating, reduce glare for nighttime driving and other night vision tasks.

The difference you, the patient, will see is that the distortion in the distance of standard progressive lenses is almost entirely eliminated. It also provides greater reading area and clarity of vision. Digital lenses will give you the “wow” factor that you have been missing from your glasses. Your free form lenses are completely personalized and uniquely suited to your visual needs.

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